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The Importance of Finding Your Passions

    The road to friendship is a delicate dance. The default state between two strangers is distrust. How can trust be created in such an environment? How can our personality and passions bridge the gap and help us make new friends?

Seeking Connection

    Being led by circumstance to repeated interactions with another person helps. Unfortunately, in this age of socially forced isolation due to COVID-19, as well as the rise of endless online distractions, many factors encourage us to be introverted and disengage with others.

    Another solution is to mutually share intimate, private details. When someone is willing to risk their personal safety by divulging information that could be used to hurt them, creating that aura of vulnerability makes it easier to build trust. We strongly discourage this approach – hopefully for obvious reasons that don’t need to be explained.

There’s no pictures involved so you can focus solely on personality and take it from there.

    So what are we left with? We need to start conversations around topics that don’t expose our personal secrets, but at the same time allow the other person to paint a picture of our authentic selves that allows the barriers of distrust to come down. One reason we chose to name this app with the word passion – as opposed to interest – is that interests can often be fleeting or lukewarm. Sometimes we whimsically hop on a trend because of social pressures, only to just as easily hop off the same trend soon afterwards. Passions, on the other hand, are fed by our personalities and showcase the type of person we are.

The Importance of Passions

    Passions can be thought of as interests that are enduring and which arouse deep introspection. We have invested a personal stake in our passions. We have an instinctive desire to share our views on them and to learn more about them from others. Our opinions, thoughts, and reflections on our passions distinguish us and bless us with purpose, direction, and meaning. 

     If two people are passionate about similar things, they can enjoy long and meaningful conversations effortlessly. If one person pretends to be passionate about something but upon probing by another party has nothing interesting to say about it, developing the conversation (or friendship) is an uphill battle.

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      We encourage you to keep the above in mind when choosing a passion to list on this app, and also in how you write your story paragraph to engage other people who see it. Remember, you don’t need to pretend you are into popular things. No one has time or energy to maintain hundreds of fake friendships. It’s much more valuable to attract one or a few people who really understand and appreciate you.

Using Passionfruit

    Once you figure out what you’re passionate about, it’s easy to find others who share your passions. When you sign-up on the Passionfruit app, it takes less than a minute to set up your profile. You can select the hobbies and activities that you’re interested in, write a short bio about yourself and what you’re looking for, and start swiping on recommended matches right away!

    You can filter your matches by age and location, or even search by passions. There’s no pictures involved so you can focus solely on personality and take it from there. 

    We’ve built a friendship app for the sole purpose of connecting like-minded individuals and fostering healthy relationships. There is no feed, likes, comments, fringe features, or anything else to distract you from making genuine connections. Explore online communities, meet new people, and discover new passions. With the Passionfruit app, it’s easy to make new friends online and start a conversation about the things you love.