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Our Story

The idea of Passionfruit arose from the advent of digital social infrastructure as we find ourselves immersed in social media and our online network in order to connect with others. While social media apps have done well to connect people all over the world, it has simultaneously left some of us feeling more disconnected than ever. 

The current landscape of social tools that were designed to help us connect with one another and make new friends has instead left us in a rat race. People compete with each other for attention while facing pressure to show the best versions of themselves and the life they live. They try their hardest to make themselves relatable while simultaneously trying to distinguish themselves among the masses.

Ultimate, social media apps have become a platform for content creation and consumption. There are a number of apps that provide quick and easy socializing with the use of swipes, likes, views, emojis, notifications, and complex algorithms designed to keep us consuming content and seeking validation online. However, these apps fail to address the larger issues we’ve noticed in society. How do we foster meaningful connections between like-minded people? 

As we look around our world, we have noticed a lack of meaningful connections amongst individuals. While we’ve seen an exponential rise in technology, digital media, and the benefits they offer, there are also unintended consequences that have led to some people suffering in silence. We’ve noticed firsthand the growing depression, anxiety, and a general sense of loneliness in people across all ages.

Passionfruit was conceived to help solve the ever growing problem in our social sphere: the lack of genuine connection with others. People have a need to connect with others on a personal level. This requires a focus on core values and passions rather than fringe features and gimmicks. The current landscape selection of social media apps do well to entertain us but do very little to foster meaningful relationships. So we designed Passionfruit as a matchmaking tool to help people make new friends online.

We wanted to create an avenue that would emphasize unique passions and celebrate the individuality of our users. We believe that focusing on people’s passions allows us to see who they really are instead of who they try to be on other social media apps. We’re not interested in a personality contest; instead, we want to give you the chance to be exactly who you are and meet new people who are just as interesting.

Whether you’re starting a new chapter in your life and looking to make friends in a new city, or you simply want to meet new people who share your hobbies and interests, Passionfruit is the app for you. Make friends, join communities, and discover genuine connections that will last a lifetime.