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“Making New Friends in a New Environment”

As I was embarking on a career change, I struggled to make new friends within my niche. I felt lonely sitting in my home office day after day – trying to figure out a way to connect with others. It was especially difficult to meet people during Covid. 

I continued to search for an app for platonic relationships. After repeated searches, I felt hopeless and almost gave up. Until, I came across your site ~ Passionfruit. That’s when the connections happened! I immediately viewed profiles of people with the same passion – the common interest was a perfect icebreaker to begin communicating. In fact, the first person I connected with was also enrolled in a virtual course I attended and we mutually discovered our similar path with our matched passion.

Not only did I feel empowered with the ability to make friends online – I felt a sense of relief with how easy it was to use the app to meet new people!

The no photo feature is brilliant, no intimidation, no judgment, and no pressure. And, matching with my passion allowed me to narrow down my search.

My new relationships are incredible; we develop ideas, inspire one another and support our journey together. My new friends are great resources that have helped me break out of my shell and continue growth.

In fact, I was so impressed with the community that I shared the app with my daughter. She is relatively shy and recently moved out of state. What a perfect opportunity for her to meet people in a new city. I’m thrilled to say she registered – added her passion (photography) and has connected with photographers in her area.

The Passionfruit app for making friends allowed me to grow and go from being lonely to building long-lasting relationships. I am so grateful for my new community of friends!

- Shirley Avellino