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How to Make Friends During COVID

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many paradigm shifts around the world. It has altered the way we live, work, and play. Adapting to this new lifestyle can be difficult and overwhelming. Using digital technology for everything, whether it be attending online classes, work meetings, or scrolling through social media, can lead to a feeling of monotony and overall dissatisfaction.

We have so many digital conveniences at our fingertips, like calendars and chat clients, but it’s near impossible to replicate the feeling of completing tasks in person with others. Like many others, the pandemic may have left you wondering how to make friends after COVID-19.

How Has Covid Affected Relationships?

    You’ve probably felt the change. Meetings at work are different, remote work has left many of us working in our sweatpants, and online classes have been a new learning experience that students struggle to manage. Experiences and moments don’t feel as concrete in the digital world as much as they did in person.

    You might not have noticed it at first, but these changes have profound effects on our mental health, especially over the long term. Networking, meeting new people at a get-together, or making new friends in classes is much more challenging when it’s online. It’s so important to maintain close relationships during stressful times such as the pandemic. As time passes, it can be harder to meet new friends. Meeting new people in your area can be even more difficult with social gathering restrictions in place. It’s just not as easy to hang out at malls or bars and hopes to find someone who matches your energy and interests.

In the post-COVID era, there is an increasing need for apps for platonic friendships for people looking to connect with others and make new friends.  

    Many people have found it increasingly difficult to meet new people online as well. On social media, making friends and meeting people is a scattershot process. Dating apps exist, but they don’t serve the same purpose as conversations quickly dissolve into dates and hookups. It’s harder for introverts to make friends in these environments too because it’s challenging to start and carry conversations. People who are interested in solo activities may find it more difficult to find others who share that same interest. 

    In the post-COVID era, there is an increasing need for apps for platonic friendships for people looking to connect with others and make new friends.  

Passionfruit Can Help

    If you are trying to figure out how to make new friends online during the unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic, you don’t have to look too far. Passionfruit is an online friendship app designed to make it easier to meet new friends in your area.

    By providing your hobbies and interests on the Passionfruit app, you can connect with like-minded people. It becomes easier to meet compatible people and develop relationships with them. With Passionfruit, you can build long-lasting friendships by finding others in your area who like what you like and do what you do. The app provides an easy and accessible way to find meaningful relationships, taking out the guesswork and lost time spent elsewhere.

    Passionfruit’s community is vast. It’s a unique space where everyone wants to get to know people like them. Unlike certain social media apps, which are built on algorithms designed to feed us relatable content and keep us scrolling for hours on end, Passionfruit is designed to get you off your phone and into the real world. The algorithm helps you meet local friends online as fast as possible by matching your profile with others who share your interests and hobbies. You can experiment with your profile, discover communities for specific hobbies and interests, and connect with others. Once you start talking to someone and get to know them better, the conversation can continue offline. Meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss your favourite books or movies while making sure to practice social distancing. Participate in activities you both enjoy that adhere to the health and safety guidelines of your local region. Explore your shared interests together both online and offline.


    We all need friends in our lives. It’s important to have a support network for everything life throws at us, especially in challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to shift most of our life online. However, we can make use of apps to help us connect with others even when we feel alone. Having meaningful friendships can make every moment of your life that much more fulfilling, and as you explore what the world has to offer, you can grow together. Passionfruit provides the opportunity for you to find someone to grow with, so nobody is left behind.