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Can I still meet new friends if I’m interested in a passion that isn’t on Passionfruit?

Absolutely! Passionfruit welcomes all users with different interests, hobbies, and lifestyles! The app does not offer a menu of pre-selected passions. Instead, we ask our users to share their interests. No matter how quirky it may be, we encourage you to share your passions with others.


Ultimately, each individual adds to the richness and diversity of passions on Passionfruit. Our long term vision is to attract enough passionate people on our app so that everyone will be able to find a match, no matter how unique their interests and hobbies may be.

How is Passionfruit different from all the other social and matchmaking apps out there?

Passionfruit finds the right people for you by drowning out the noise and focusing on your passions. We help you meet new friends by connecting you with people who share the same interests. The Passionfruit app focuses on fostering empathy and connection of like-minded individuals.


We ask our users to share their greatest passions, cherished values, and individual perspectives. Our algorithm matches users on these wavelengths to yield authentic results which allow natural friendships to develop easily. Unlike other friendship or social apps, Passionfruit does not put emphasis on superficial qualities or place any “premium features” behind paywalls.

How was Passionfruit started and what was the motivation behind its creation?

Passionfruit was created to deliver a social environment that allows users to focus on expressing their passions and finding others who share their interests. We wanted to create an app that helps people make new friends while staying authentic and being themselves. The Passionfruit app primarily focuses on personality, ideas, and values.


There are no profile pictures, emojis, newsfeeds, complex algorithms, status symbols, or any mechanisms designed to distract people from finding their true selves and connecting with others. Instead, the Passionfruit team aims to deliver an online experience that fosters genuine connections and quality friendship that can continue to grow offline as well.


Our motivation is to combat the growing social anxiety and loneliness felt by many people everywhere. We hope to provide an app that lets people meet new people who share their interests in the hopes that they might find someone to share and grow with.

What if I match with someone who starts harassing me?

Passionfruit prioritizes the safety and security of its users. If users are facing harassment or any other forms of abuse, we recommend using the Block feature found in the conversation menu with the person involved so they can no longer interact with you.


Passionfruit appreciates any and all feedback. We welcome you to report the nature of harassment so that we can continue to improve the user experience and prioritize your safety and security in all interactions.

Is Passionfruit free to use?

Yes, Passionfruit is free to download and use. The app is available on the Apple app store and Google play store. There are currently no paid features or advertisements on the app.

Can I meet new people all over the world on Passionfruit?

Absolutely! Passionfruit encourages local connections as we believe they are more likely to lead to meaningful and beneficial relationships that can continue to evolve offline. However, our users are free to set the search range to Global so they can make connections with all individuals around the world. This allows greater exposure to the individual perspectives and different cultures from people across the globe.

Is my private information safe with Passionfruit?

Your privacy is at the core of our design and we strive to protect your information. We want you to focus on building meaningful connections and making new friends without worrying about infringement of your private data.


We strongly recommend that you do not share any personal or sensitive information on Passionfruit. While we built this app to help you discover new friendships and meet new people, you are still talking to people you have never met. If you've developed enough comfort to talk to your new friends from Passionfruit outside of the app, be careful not to share any personal or sensitive information. We also recommend using third-party secure messaging apps, such as Telegram or Signal.

Why can’t I upload a photo of myself?

Passionfruit focuses on personality, interests, and ideas. We don’t want the first impression to be based on looks. Instead of swiping left and right on pictures, you can lead with conversation. Once you’ve connected with someone, you can easily share photos of yourself with new friends on other popular social media apps.

My profile has been suspended - what do I do?

We’re sorry to hear that! If you believe your account has been wrongfully suspended, please contact us at from the email connected to your account. We’ll review the suspension and do our best to resolve any mistake made on our end!

I deleted Passionfruit from my phone. Does that close my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! Unfortunately, deleting the app does not automatically delete your Passionfruit account. To close your account and erase your data from our servers, you will need to find the Deactivate Account option at the bottom of the Settings page inside the Passionfruit app.