A Typical Student’s Social Stressors

The transition from high school to university has always been known to be one of the most difficult to adjust to. There are a number of stressors that find their way into a new student’s daily [...]

Reality Radio 101 Interview

Paul and James are guests on Reality Radio with host Del Morgado. The Shock Jock pokes questions at the pair while learning more about Passionfruit. Listener discretion is advised.

Interview with a blogger: Q&A about Passionfruit

Dear readers, Last month I sat down with a blogger to answer some questions about what Passionfruit is and isn’t, and what it has to offer in the current landscape of social apps. Some of [...]

Don’t We Deserve an App that Champions Meaningful Connections?

I think we do! And on that note, dear supporters, I’d like to inform you that I’ve just written a piece on my vision for a better dating app world in a guest article published on Anne [...]

A Discussion on Conceptual Design Choices for Passionfruit

We previously navigated the mental health challenges posed on our society and the current methods available for addressing them. Now, let’s touch on a lighter topic – the reasons behind a couple [...]

Our Collective Responsibility towards Mental Health

I previously touched on the importance of having an adequate support network. Here I cover why I don't think it's realistic to expect professionals to be able to handle every aspect of mental health.

Passionfruit Inc. Announces Kickstarter

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Passionfruit Inc. Announces Kickstarter Crowdfunding launches March 14th 2018 Seeking $60,000   March 14th, 2018 – Toronto, Canada – Passionfruit Inc., [...]

The Inspiration Behind Passionfruit, the New Social App that Connects People Without the Aid of Profile Photos

Hi, my name is Paul Deng. I’m developing a new mobile app called Passionfruit to help people connect. With Passionfruit, I realized something very important about creating lasting relationships [...]

Passionfruit Inc. announces a new social app that connects people without the aid of profile photos, creating proper foundations for lasting relationships.

Passionfruit is a social application for iPhone and Android that connects people through their passions. It does not allow for a "profile picture", instead encouraging members to engage in [...]