Our Values

Our team at Passionfruit recognizes a serious predicament in our current society. We look around at the relationships people have with each other and we notice something deeply unsettling. More often than not, people treat other people as experiences. We reach out to others when we need something, when we want to share something, or when we get bored of something else. A healthy relationship should not be contingent on our personal agendas or objectives. It is not something to be tasted and then discarded when it troubles us. We should not aim to make friends for the sake of fulfilling our own needs. Ultimately, these relationships do not last. Without quality friendship and the fulfillment we gain from it, we may find ourselves struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other mental health issues.  

With the Passionfruit app, our team hopes to help people discover genuine connections and forge quality friendships with others. The result of our efforts goes beyond making new friends and having someone to talk to. We wanted to create an app to meet new people who share our passions. Passionfruit encourages people to join communities that promote a sense of shared identity and unity for everyone involved. We created an app to help you make new friends, and ultimately, create new bonds to help each other face our everyday struggles. Passionfruit is designed to connect people with shared interests so we can begin to nurture quality friendships that will bring a positive change to our lives.