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“A Chance to Make Meaningful Connections”

Passionfruit is one of the most unique places to make friends online. Whenever I meet new people, there’s always that anxiety-provoking thought of “What are we going to talk about?” It’s led to some awkward moments for me…but with Passionfruit it’s different because I can see what others are passionate about before I even start talking to them.

Knowing a person’s biggest passion beforehand made it so much easier to start a conversation. Even better, the app will offer to “introduce” me to a few new people every day…but there’s no pressure if I don’t want to. That doesn’t mean it’s been effortless to connect with new people. You get out what you put in…but that initial anxiety has been eased so much!

It seems like there’s so many apps for making friends out there. To me, many of them are like being at a loud, crowded party. You try to strike up some conversation, create some new friendships…but, inevitably, some aggressive person comes along and kills the mood.

That might work for some people. If that’s your scene, then you’ll definitely hate Passionfruit.

If connecting with new people online on a superficial level is appealing to you, you’ll hate this app too.

I was looking for an opportunity to connect with people at a deeper, more meaningful level and I found that with this app. Is it a smaller party? Sure…but some of those smaller ones ended up being the best parties I ever went to. My time on Passionfruit is like being at one of those!

- Vince Henry