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6 Ways to Make Friends In a New City

    One of the biggest steps that people take in their lives is leaving their hometown and moving to a new city. This transition can be especially daunting as you’re forced to leave behind everything familiar to you. Moving away from friends and family is challenging. We depend on our social circle so much, and after a move, the lack of support can feel overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges of relocating is figuring out how to make friends in a new city.

    Being in a foreign place can be challenging especially when you’re living on your own. It can be helpful to have someone to guide you around, someone who knows the culture or language better than you, or just someone to keep you company. When you move to a new city, making new friends should be a priority. It can be difficult, but it’s hardly impossible. With a few brave steps, you’ll find that you can make friends in a new city quite easily. 

1: Start Close to Home

    Before moving out of town, get in touch with your friends and family. Ask them if they’ve ever visited or lived in the place you’re heading to, if they can recommend any local venues and attractions, and if they know of any places to meet new people. Having friends with past experience can be a valuable resort for hidden wisdom about cities you haven’t been to before.

    Another important thing to ask your friends is if they know anyone living at your new destination. Perhaps they can put you in touch with those friends and let them know to expect you. That way, you’ll have someone to guide you who you can trust.

2: Use Friendship Apps

    With the internet at your fingertips, a wealth of information and tools are available to you. Similar to dating apps, friendship apps exist and offer users the ability to get in touch with like-minded locals. You can use these apps to find someone also interested in soccer, music, dogs, or whatever else you’re interested in. Friendship apps make it a lot easier to meet exciting people who share your taste. Also, people you find on these friendship apps are generally open to meeting new people and making new friends.

    Passionfruit is a friendship app that easily allows you to meet new people based on similar interests. Once you make a profile and list your passions, you can easily find others who share your interests. After you’ve connected with someone in your local area, you can coordinate a meetup at a coffee shop or a nearby restaurant. Ask them about their experience in the city and whether they can help you find your way around the area. 

3: Check Out Local Events

    If you like to get involved in your community, then scoping event flyers at cafes and bus stops might lead you to one of the easiest places to meet new people. Lots of communities hold events such as bingo nights, sports events, dances, and book clubs. Usually, these events don’t even require registration.

    Local events can be a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the locals and see if you hit it off with anyone to develop a long-lasting friendship. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have fun!

4: Get To Know Your Neighbours

    Sometimes, making new friends is as easy as looking to those closest to you, specifically your neighbors. When you first move in, take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbors with a fruit basket or a box of baked goods. This will help you make a great first impression and help you break the ice. They’re probably excited to meet their new neighbor too!

If possible, you can invite them to your home or spend some time at a nearby park. It can also be a good idea to offer to help them or ask for their help if you need it when moving in. If they have a pet, you can offer to pet sit for them. If you and your neighbors both have children, you can arrange a playdate or even host their family for dinner. The possibilities are endless!

5: Find Common Interests

    Whoever you come across during your voyage, make sure to find something you have in common with them. Friendships take time to develop, so focus on getting to know people as a whole and not just as one aspect of their personality. By being open-minded and curious about the people you meet in your new city, you’ll have better chances of developing meaningful, long-lasting friendships

  If you choose to meet people online, look for possible connections with people based on personality rather than looks. The Passionfruit app emphasizes personality as it matches you with others based on similar interests and passions. The app doesn’t have profile pictures, so it encourages you to connect with people based on their personality. You’re much more likely to develop a meaningful relationship with someone when you share similar interests and enjoy the same hobbies.

6: Explore Local Businesses

    Local businesses are a great way to get to know who frequents which places in your community. Small businesses and restaurants are cozy places where regulars hang out, and as you’re settling in, you might want to visit these places for a bite or a hot cup of coffee. In smaller cities, these local businesses are pillars of the community and often a place where you’ll see a lot of familiar faces from your neighbourhood. 

    It’s entirely possible that you could become friends with the owner of a small shop, or even the baristas at the cafe. Never underestimate how similar a stranger’s situation, life, or interests could be to yours. There’s new people to meet in every city, everywhere. You just need to be clever and courageous.

Final Thoughts

    These are just a few ways to quickly meet new people and make new friends when you move to a new city. Some naturally extroverted people might find it easier to start a conversation with a stranger at the local coffee shop. Others may need to use social apps like Passionfruit to talk to people online before meeting them in person. No matter which approach you take, you’ll have no trouble making friends in a new city so long as you act confident, step outside your comfort zone, and be your awesome self!

How do I make friends in a new city?

Ask your friends and family if they live in that city, or if they know anyone in that city. Use friendship apps like Passionfruit to find people in the locality. Check out local events and get involved in your community. Get to know your neighbors, bring them a fruit basket or baked goods to help you break the ice. Find common interests and talk to people with whom you are traveling. Explore local businesses and small businesses for a bite or a hot cup of coffee.

What are the possible ways of making new friends?

We depend on our social circle so much, and after a move, the lack of support can feel overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges of relocating is figuring out how to make friends in a new city. This blog post describes the 6 different ways to make new friends in a new city.  

How can teens make friends in a new city?

Sit with a group of people at lunch. Find somebody who takes a similar route to school and travel together. Join a sport or club. Speak up in class. Follow a classmate on Instagram or add them on Snapchat. Invite a classmate over after school.