Interview with a blogger: Q&A about Passionfruit

Dear readers, Last month I sat down with a blogger to answer some questions about what Passionfruit is and isn’t, and what it has to offer in the current landscape of social apps. Some of [...]

Don’t We Deserve an App that Champions Meaningful Connections?

I think we do! And on that note, dear supporters, I’d like to inform you that I’ve just written a piece on my vision for a better dating app world in a guest article published on Anne [...]

A Discussion on Conceptual Design Choices for Passionfruit

We previously navigated the mental health challenges posed on our society and the current methods available for addressing them. Now, let’s touch on a lighter topic – the reasons behind a couple [...]

The Inspiration Behind Passionfruit, the New Social App that Connects People Without the Aid of Profile Photos

Hi, my name is Paul Deng. I’m developing a new mobile app called Passionfruit to help people connect. With Passionfruit, I realized something very important about creating lasting relationships [...]